Strategic merger between two Swiss independent wealth managers

September 05, 2023 - 2 min read


Pleion SA, one of the largest and most established independent wealth managers in Switzerland, announces the merger by absorption (subject to FINMA approval) with Finstoy SA, an innovative technology-driven wealth manager. Following this transaction, the Probus Pleion SA Group will manage a portfolio of over CHF 3 billion and will have 7 offices in Switzerland as well as offices in Luxembourg, the United Arab Emirates, Mauritius and Thailand.

Following the successful merger with Probus Compagnie SA announced for 2021, Pleion SA is continuing its growth by joining forces with a young and dynamic asset management company, Finstoy SA. In 40 years of development, Pleion SA has established itself as one of the leading independent wealth managers in Switzerland, ensuring management expertise and stability for its clients. From now on, the group will benefit from a new expertise; innovation and management supported by technology. More and more clients are asking for a quantitative approach, assisted by Robo-Advisors. Finstoy SA is the only company in French-speaking Switzerland certified by Swissquote to use the Robo-Advisor developed by the bank. This will make new services and products available to all customers.

Patrick Héritier, Managing Partner of Pleion SA, comments: “This merger will give a new push to Pleion SA, in order to respond ever more effectively to the new expectations of clients and the necessary digitalisation of the wealth management profession. The Finstoy SA team will help us to roll out this exceptional tool to our clients who so wish.

Against the backdrop of the current tightening of the regulatory framework (FinSA/FinIA), this merger offers a smaller structure such as Finstoy SA the opportunity to pursue its development serenely within an established and robust company, which already holds a licence as a collective asset manager, regulated by FINMA. Following the merger, two of Finstoy SA’s partners, Nicolas Dénervaud and Florian Schefer, will become partners of Probus Pleion Holding SA, joining the management team of this long-standing wealth management specialist.

Florian Schefer, confirms: “By freeing up administrative time, our team will be able to devote more time to our core business: customer relations. In fact, we’re keeping our Lausanne office, so that we’re always accessible to them”.

Pleion is strengthening its presence in Switzerland by adding a strategic location in Lausanne to its existing centres in Geneva, Nyon, Bern, Sion, Verbier and Zurich.


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About Finstoy SA: Founded in 2011, Finstoy SA has always been at the forefront of innovation. With a visionary approach and a DNA for tomorrow’s management, Finstoy SA has established its place as a pioneer in tomorrow’s financial industry. This strategy has enabled it to become an approved partner of Swissquote Bank SA as a certified asset manager via Robo-Advisory.

About Pleion SA: Founded in 1980, Pleion SA now has over 60 employees and is part of the Probus Pleion Holding SA group. Pleion SA specialises in private wealth management, as well as the administration and management of collective assets. The group offers a wide range of services, including pension asset management, wealth structuring and IT services.