Thanks to a pension platform of which we are one of the official wealth managers, we provide you with the possibility of investing your pension assets in an optimal and personalised way.

The retirement and pension system in Switzerland is based on ‘three pillars’: the state pension (1st pillar), the occupational pension (2nd pillar), and the individual pension (3rd pillar). The three pillars complement each other and covers at best the financial needs of the insured at retirement.

However, for the occupational pension, the conversion rate and the technical rate are decreasing while life expectancy is increasing, which is why it is essential to optimise your pension solutions. Pleion SA can assist you in this process.


Our experience and expertise in the field of wealth management allow us to offer tailor-made and optimal management solutions for your pension assets. Our open architecture and collaboration with many recognised service providers, give you access to a wide range of investments. The choice of the investment strategy belongs to you so that it matches with your profile.

In collaboration with leading Swiss pension funds, we advise and assist you in managing the following areas:

  • Vested benefits (2nd pillar)
  • Extra-mandatory portions (1E)
  • Third pillar (3A)

Your wealth is our passion

Our objective is to provide you with tailor-made solutions in order to grow your wealth.


We help you to optimise the return on your pension assets.

Athletes Wealth Advisory

We guide and accompany athletes through a clear plan. Trust is essential. We are here for the long-term.

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