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Investment strategy – December 2018

Strategy and Macro US Elections In the US, this time, polls were good and reliable. We are due for cohabitation / gridlock over next two years. In principle it would spell low odds of significant changes in economic policy, which should remain supportive, but gradually less so. The good news is that overheating and a […]

Investment strategy – November 2018

STRATEGY AND MACRO Trigger, what trigger? Trump accused the Fed for having triggered Wall Street correction. This is destabilizing for professional investors. He did it a couple of times already, to preemptively appoint a culprit, ahead of an inevitable economic slowdown or of a possible market correction. This is just a new episode of his […]

Benoît Derwael joins PLEION as new Chief Investment Officer

Geneva (1.10.2018). PLEION is strengthening its core business with Benoît Derwael (50) in the function of Chief Investment Officer as of October 1, 2018. Benoît Derwael has a strong background in international banking industry. In his last role, he developed portfolios with an independent and strategic view and a strong focus on results. Derweal will […]

Investment Strategy – September 2018

Macroeconomy Vision and pro-activity US business cycle has been particularly buoyant of late. Growth and inflation largely outperform that of developed countries. The US no longer flirts with deflation, rightly considered to be the worst evil for a democratic society. For sure, part of the momentum is due to the spectacular Trump tax stimulus. But […]

Investment Strategy – August 2018

Macroeconomy US knock-on effect The US capex cycle has experienced a low magnitude and a slow-motion recovery, considering a) the unprecedented monetary and b) latest fiscal stimulations. The US cabinet counted on a significant acceleration from 2018, following new tax incentives. But, so far, companies have rather announced intentions to increase capex spending than actually […]

Robert-Philippe Bloch joins Board of Plurigestion

M. Robert-Philippe Bloch joins the board of Plurigestion. Bloch has a long experience in swiss private banking after his diplomatic career. He is also member of the board of Salt SA. Since 1st of July, the presidency of the board of Plurigestion has been handed over to Patrick Héritier. Sonia Casoni is taking over as […]

Investment Strategy – July 2018

Macroeconomy Temporary slowdown The recent leading indicators carried some important signals for policymakers. Accelerating growth in the US was counterpoised by greater uncertainty about economic growth trajectories in the Eurozone, UK and Japan. Emerging markets meanwhile showed increased signs of stress as exports fell amid a downturn in global trade. Forward-looking indicators showed especially worrying […]

Investment Strategy – June 2018

Macroeconomy The infernal T…rio Over coming months, investors must carefully monitor the three following issues: Trump, Tariffs and ¨Technos¨. Trump. The US President is actually beleaguered on three fronts: politics, economics and defense. Important developments are soon expected to unfold on Mueller investigation on trade and potentially with North-Korea / in the Middle-East. If US […]

Plurigestion SA (Switzerland) is proud to announce the launch of PLEION SA (Luxemburg)

Plurigestion SA (Switzerland) is proud to announce the launch of PLEION SA in Luxemburg. The purpose of PLEION SA (Luxemburg) is to bring together under one structure, the different companies established over the years in order to offer a wide range of services to a demanding clientele. Additionally, this step allows the company to enlarge […]