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Quarterly investment review

RETROSPECTIVE US equity markets finish best quarter in more than 2 decades US stocks wrapped up their best quarter in more than 20 years, a remarkable rally after the coronavirus pandemic brought business around the world to a virtual standstill. Just three months ago, investors were lamenting the end of the bull market—and the longest […]

Quarterly investment review

RETROSPECTIVE Economic data starting to indicate the gravity The coronavirus outbreak which began in China but has since spread to encompass over 140 countries worldwide continues to wreak havoc in the global economy, and looks set to continue to do so for some time to come. There remains a great deal of uncertainty regarding the […]

Quarterly Investment Review

Retrospective Resilient financial markets The global macroeconomic and political context deteriorated further over summer. Some of the downside risks have materialised, especially the decision by the Trump administration to intensify the trade war with China, after announcing its intention to hit the remaining USD 300 billion of imports from China with 10% tariffs. After this […]

Strategical Investment Review – Q2 2019

Retrospective The Fed adopts a cautious approach given the recession risks The Fed brutally changes its monetary policy stance, which goes from a restrictive mode – balance sheet shrinking, and 3 to 4 rates hikes expected in 2019 and 2020) – to a (very) dovish tone, including only one rate hike in 2020 and slowing […]