A careful strategy and investment planning is extremely important, especially when considering athletes’ wealth and their relatively short careers. We guide and accompany athletes through a clear plan, and being independent from banks enables us to help find the best solutions. Trust is essential. We are here for the long-term.

You focus on the Athletic Performance – We take care of your Wealth

  • Think of each contract as your last. Build a lifestyle around the current situation and one that can be sustained.
  • Athletic success does not automatically translate to the money game. We preserve your wealth by providing quality advice.
  • Some athletes come into money at very young age. It is almost inconceivable that anyone has a good set of financial skills at this point. We help you fill the knowledge gap.
  • We believe in creating an athletes wealth framework that will ensure your money is helping to accomplish your goals, rather than impairing them.
  • Athletic careers are often short. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. With our support you plan smartly for the time after.


Your focus is Sport – Ours is your Wealth

  • Athletic performance at the highest level requires total focus – you have your team
  • A long-term and successful wealth management strategy requires a similar level of focus
  • Important factors when investing: Long-term focus, discipline, compounding and know-how
  • Athletes often lack three key factors of a professional investment strategy:

athlete desk - know how

Planning Considerations

  • Development of income and expenses over the span of your career
  • On average, athletes have 10 lucrative career years at best
  • Sudden cash flow drain at career end



  • Be aware of the effect of compounding interest
  • Invest continuously and benefit long-term
  • Every dollar and month counts to close the gap when the high cashflows come to an end

compound interest - athlete wealth

Athletes Career Phases


Career Phases - Financial Milestones - Athelete Wealth

Your point of contact

Andreas Schenk

e aschenk@pleion.ch
t +41 43 322 15 83


My name is Andreas Schenk. I worked for over decade with UBS and High-Net-Worth clients from around the globe. In addition to a Master in Finance, I hold a Master in Sports Management (« The FIFA Master »).

Today, I combine my passion for sport with investment know-how to accompany athletes. I am happy to listen, answer your questions, and guide you in any financial matters.

Please reach out or ask any trusted person to get in touch with me.

My focus areas are:

Your wealth is our passion

Our objective is to provide you with tailor-made solutions in order to grow your wealth.


We help you to optimise the return on your pension assets.

Athletes Wealth Advisory

We guide and accompany athletes through a clear plan. Trust is essential. We are here for the long-term.